Pluto: Never Forget
(Book 2 of The Nines)
by Christian Peet

Interbirth Books, 2011
40 pages, 6″x8″
$25 (coptic) / $10 (pamphlet)
Limited Edition (SOLD OUT)

Designed by Micah Robbins and Clifton Riley, twenty-six books were bound between boards using the coptic stitch, lettered A-Z, and signed by the author; fifty books were bound in paper using the pamphlet stitch. The cover is an original silk screen print.

Pluto: Never Forget picks up where Book 1 of The Nines left off: before the election of Barack Obama was even a hope. Written for anyone stunned into mute horror during those dark days, Pluto: Never Forget offers an E-bay Monet, a drunk Brad Pitt and Mary Oliver, an “ordered variety” of phonemic systems grown from the “disorderly monotony” of “animal cries,” a graduating class of part-time highschoolers and full-time crackheads hoping to create a unified theory explaining everything in the universe, and cautionary tales of “conflicting imperatives such as Teach Peace and Eat the Rich.” Also included–at no extra cost–are images you won’t find on TV: “One for every dead Iraqi child–the boy popped by a tank, the girl whose eyes burned like marshmallows in her skull. Every East Coast gas station blanketed with their skin. Children enough to circle the US Capitol fifty times with a rope of small intestines. And so on.”

Peet’s scientific, linguistic, and cultural intertextuality continually branches out, inside, and around the book. The collection of stories requires the readers to engage themselves, follow trails, research, and enjoy….

duncan b. barlow, author of Super Cell Anemia

Hailed by critics as “at least as fun as footnotes,” the nine movements of Pluto: Never Forget include mutations born of an interview with mathematician and philosopher Reuben Hersh, as well as a variety of appropriated critical, scientific, and instructional texts including George F. Adams’ and Jerome Wykoff’s Landforms (A Golden Guide); Kenneth Clark’s Landscape Into Art; Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time; Eric N. Franklin’s and William H. Watkins’ Breakdance!; Anne Waldman’s and Marilyn Webb’s collection of lectures by visiting authors, Talking Poetics from Naropa Institute; and James Webb’s The Occult Establishment.

Excerpts from Pluto: Never Forget