Christian Peet is a literary and internet publisher, author, and teacher. Like three centuries of his ancestors, he was born in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Unlike his ancestors, he received a Bachelor’s Degree from Bennington College, a Master’s Degree from Goddard College, and has taught both Literature and Creative Writing for the City University of New York (CUNY), at Brooklyn College and Hunter College. He founded Tarpaulin Sky Press in 2003, publishing poetry and prose in an online magazine as well as mass-market paperbacks and limited hand-bound editions.

Tarpaulin Sky Press authors and titles have been winners and finalists for awards and grants from The Whiting Award, The National Endowment for the Arts, the The Poetry Society of America, PEN America, and Lambda Literary, and are glowingly reviewed in a wide variety of venues.

BuzzFeed News : “proves indie presses deserve your attention.” The Nation : “warped from one world to another.” Huffington Post : “simultaneously metaphysical and visceral … scary, sexual, and intellectually disarming.” VICE : “beautifully startling and fucked and funny and tender and sad and putrid and glitter-covered all at once.” NPR Books : “only becomes more surreal.” Publishers Weekly “Best Summer Reads” : “hallucinatory … trance-inducing.”

Christian’s own poetry and prose, circa 2000-2010, appears in various indie and university journals, anthologies, and fine-press limited editions in the U.S. and U.K, including The Nines (Palm Press), Pluto: Never Forget (Interbirth Books), and a collection of “postcards,” Big American Trip (Shearsman).

For the last two decades Christian has been researching and writing a true-crime novel that is now slated for 2025.

Outside of publishing, Christian is a hermit. He is married to author Elena Georgiou, his partner of more than twenty years. At their 1840s Vermont home, sharing a hilltop with a cemetery, Christian works by the light of an oil lamp in his barn. He spends his free time stacking firewood or tending fruit trees and wildflower gardens, conversing with incorporeal entities and sundry critters domestic and wild.

Needless to say, Christian is not on social media. He may be contacted via the form below, although his schedule does not always permit a response. Any editorial or media concerns regarding Tarpaulin Sky Press should be directed to the press website.

Old friends are his favorite friends: if you knew Christian before the dawn of virtual century and have since lost touch, you can bet that he will be thrilled to reconnect.



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