Recommended reading: Janaka Stucky, The Truth Is We Are Perfect

I've been working on a review of Janaka's book for a couple months. My mother died a few weeks into it (the review, not the book), which was highly appropriate both for the book's themes and my mother's sense of humor....

Beverly Ann Gottlieb, 1947 – 2016

Beverly Ann Gottlieb (Peet; née Slaughter), born in Kent, CT on January 30, 1947 to John and Lorraine Slaughter (Hanke), died peacefully in her sleep, at her home in South Carolina on August 4, 2016. Beverly lived in Kent for 56 years and was well known throughout the town, not only for her excellent work as a self-employed house-cleaner, but for the practical advice and psychological insights she shared with clients and friends whose doorsteps she graced. Her outspoken nature and her infectious, frequently bawdy sense of humor brightened the days of all who knew her.

Five New Titles in 2016 from Tarpaulin Sky Press

The best thing about being a publisher, if you're an also an author: when your own writing makes you want to toss a rope around the rafters, you can focus instead on the brilliant work you've published by others. I'm particularly delighted that three of our new titles are by debut authors -- Steven Dunn, Dana Green, and Elizabeth Hall -- although I'm equally as thrilled, of course, to be publishing new work by Amy King and Kim Parko....