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Recommended reading: Piper Daniels, “Sirens”

In time for Christmas, Tarpaulin Sky published Piper Daniels's exceptional essay on self-harm and suicide, "Sirens." Here are some excerpts: "...[D]eath, as a solution, is so all encompassing, so finite, other ways of coping pale in comparison. In no time, your neural pathways form a perfect arrow leading to the afterlife...."


angela-story-book-cover-3dAngela’s Story
A True Crime

Eight-year-old Angela _X_ had a story to tell.
It was a story about her big brother, Carson _X_.
He was thirteen.
They were doing s-e-x.

It was a short story.
It was not very exciting.
But it was Angela’s story.
And it was true.

So begins Angela’s Story, a true-crime novel in which incest is only the beginning, and no one is innocent.

the-other-west-memphis-threeThe West Memphis Three

Essays and posts on the West Memphis Three, Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols, and Jessie Misskelley; the victims of the 1993 murders, Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore; the victims’ parents, Pam (Hobbs) Hicks, Mark Byers, Dana and Todd Moore; and the attorneys, officials, suspects, and witnesses involved in 1993 or today, including John Fogleman, Gary Gitchell, LG Hollingsworth, David Jacoby, Buddy Lucas, Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington, Mayor of West Memphis William H. Johnson, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, and West Memphis Police Chief Donald Oakes.

Robert Adams’s three daughters speak before Citrus Heights Mayor Jeannie Bruins. Although prosecutors allege that Adams molests female children, Adams’s daughters are his most vocal defenders, along with former Creative Frontiers students, teachers, and parents who, in marked contrast to a handful of motivated accusers, have shown unflagging support for the school and its founder.

The Trial of Creative Frontiers School Principal Robert Adams

Unlike any number of molestation cases ably handled by competent law enforcement and child protection services daily, across the U.S., the nature and context of the allegations against Robert Adams, as well as the conduct of Citrus Heights and Sacramento County authorities, are suspicious at best. The case exhibits numerous red flags: most notably that allegations of abuse are being made by a handful of motivated adults, while actual students at the time of the school’s closure have not only told investigators that no abuse occurred, but delivered a petition to the Mayor and held bake sales, tag sales, and “movie nights” to raise funds to help re-open Creative Frontiers.