Rebecca Brown, Not Heaven, Somewhere Else

New from Tarpaulin Sky Press: Rebecca Brown's Not Heaven, Somewhere Else. If heaven is somewhere, it isn’t here with us, but somewhere we want to get — a state, a place, a turning to home. Rebecca Brown’s thirteenth book is narrative cycle that revamps old fairy tales, movies, and myths, as it leads the reader from darkness to light, from harshness to love, from where we are to where we might go.

Steven Dunn, water & power

New from Tarpaulin Sky Press: Navy veteran Steven Dunn's second novel, water & power, plunges into military culture and engages with perceptions of heroism and terrorism. A collage of voices, documents, and critical explorations that disrupt the usual frequency channels of military narratives.

Piper J. Daniels, Ladies Lazarus

Co-winner, 2017 Tarpaulin Sky Press Book Awards. Equal parts séance, polemic, and love letter, Piper J. Daniels’ Ladies Lazarus examines evangelical upbringing, sexual trauma, queer identity, and mental illness with a raw intensity that moves between venom and grace.

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