Five New Titles in 2016 from Tarpaulin Sky Press

The best thing about being a publisher, if you're an also an author: when your own writing makes you want to toss a rope around the rafters, you can focus instead on the brilliant work you've published by others. I'm particularly delighted that three of our new titles are by debut authors -- Steven Dunn, Dana Green, and Elizabeth Hall -- although I'm equally as thrilled, of course, to be publishing new work by Amy King and Kim Parko....

Recommended reading: Plinth Vol.4

Beautiful monsterchild of the equinoctial super-bloodmoon eclipse, the fourth issue of Plinth, published by Unwin-Dunraven Literary Ecclesia, features work by Tarpaulin Sky Press author Claire Donato along with Purdey Lord Kreiden (whose new collection, Scolopendrum, is forthcoming from Action Books in April 2016), Nick Greer, Matthew Johnstone, A.A. Walker, Jayme Russell, C.C. Parker, Alina Popa, and Lital Khaikin.

Recommended reading: Slab, by Selah Saterstrom

On a slab that’s all Katrina left of her Mississippi home, Tiger—stripper, felon, best-selling author—tells us of her days dancing as Helen Keller, her grandfather’s suicide, a serial killer duo from the 18th century, and the best recipe for red velvet cake. And out of these floating anecdotes comes a portrait of a fallen biblical landscape of struggle and sin.

Recommended reading: MR Sheffield, We Are the Blood

"Lil Kim was important to physics. She came up with the 'Gigantic Shit Ton of Shit We Cannot Understand Theory' which attempts to make sense of the ways in which the universe can be so fundamentally fucked the hell up." Short fictions from MR Sheffield’s manuscript, We Are the Blood, a finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.

Recommended reading: Jacqueline Kari, TWA: A Masque

Picking apart apart the bones of the Child ballad, “The Twa Sisters,” reinterpreting its tale of sororicide and retribution as a a masque that glitters with constellations of love triangles, a katabatic trip to graveland, and the yoked fates of two sisters twinned from their balladic, fairy-tale archetypes. Excerpts from Jacqueline Kari's poetry manuscript, TWA: A Masque, finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.

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