She picked an outcrop and undid her arm, / all rubber and good humor, dead as oil. / He flagged down sunset with obsidian / owl pellets, proving too late it was tar.


I love jacking cog more than I love / this urge of missy's choking squalor, / I mean, Do you mind if I sit on your leg?


To an enormous extent, in a high degree, in such a degree as cannot well be expressed, a great but imprecise quantity, an immense deal, relies for support or is conditioned or contingent on an [...]

Instructional Vessel

See opaque vessel. Open hatch. Remove paper. Read clearly written instructions. Cover desktop with skin. Cut cardboard pattern to contour and outline, using shears. Apply adhesive to desktop. Press and stretch skin to remove wrinkles [...]


Somewhere along the way / I ate something but never passed it, / and whatever it was, it must have been / growing inside me, requesting meat / when I would have preferred mixed greens, / garbanzo beans, spring water and lime—


The third thing is the darkness. Impermeable. Mute. You are weightless. Groundless. Maybe you are moving but it is impossible to tell. There is only the darkness and the idea of you. The second thing [...]

Two-Dimensional Vessel

Which is not a drawing but a shape. The shape is empty. The emptiness draws the boy’s eyebrows downward, draws his lips downward. His frown is part of this drawing, which is outside the box. [...]

Assembling the Vessel

Assemble wooden box from prepared sections or precut boards for use as shipping or burial case. Clamp and fasten precut boards together to form end, side, and bottom sections. Nail sections together using hand clamps, [...]

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