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Aside from two little chapbooks and a collection of postcards I haven’t written much “creative” work since 2005, when my teenage nephew Jeremy Barney was sentenced to twenty years in maximum-security prison for crimes that he did not commit. As a result, I was forced into writing nonfiction, and the result is my forthcoming true-crime novel about the case, Angela’s Story. That said, I’ve published heaps of fiction, poetry, and hybrid work by other authors via my press, Tarpaulin Sky, and I’ve managed to write a few things myself — not always poetry or fiction, but definitely nothing so awful as the truth. Please read below for more.

Postcards in Action, Yes

The new issue of Action, Yes, edited by Johannes Göransson & Joyelle McSweeney, features postcards from Big American Trip.

“Interactive” Text at Trickhouse

Trickhouse, curated by Noah Saterstrom, features a sort of interactive text I wrote for the website's inaugural issue. The text is titled "YOU SEARCHED FOR >> DOORS >> EXTERIOR DOORS >> UNDER $100"

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"The graduating class is in for a world of hurt. Never mind that their beloved science-fair-models of our solar system will no longer include Pluto—each and every one of these kids, upon leaving this fabled institution, will need to reckon with their abysmal SAT scores..... Remember, hitting the rock between classes is one thing, being a full-time crackhead is quite another. You think you can just walk out those doors and go create your own unified theory explaining everything in the universe? Go on—good luck!"

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Shift the unbeliever’s weight to their left buttock. Bend left leg behind and pull the unbeliever’s upper body forward, using nylon ropes or 2-inch link chains (wear gloves so as not to pinch or burn hands). Minimize “vomit hazard” by clearing unbeliever’s throat of any objects that may have been lodged there during capture or processing.

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