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Fiction, Poetry & Trans-Genre Texts

Despite publishing in the above genres, in books and chapbooks that appeared in 2006, 2009, and 2011, I’ve written precious little “creative” work since 2005, when my teenage nephew, Jeremy Barney, was sentenced to 20 years in maximum-security prison for crimes that never actually occurred, which set me on a course to write nonfiction and has resulted in my forthcoming true-crime novel about Jeremy’s case, Angela’s Story. That said, during this same time I’ve managed to publish an awful lot of fiction & poetry & hybrid work by other people, via my press, Tarpaulin Sky, and I’ve written a few non-nonfiction things — not poetry, not fiction, but definitely nothing so awful as the truth. See below for more.

Multiple Genre Disorder

At Ghost Proposal, Naomi Washer and Joshua Young host a issue on “Hybrid Forms & the Post-Genre Approach,” featuring an appropriately genre-less text by yours truly, along with actual essays by my friend Douglas A. Martin, and Tarpaulin Sky Press author Joyelle McSweeney, among other other greats: Tyler Crumrine, T Clutch Fleischmann, Oliver de la Paz, and Hannah Brooks-Motl. What follows is an excerpt from my tortured 5,000-word treatise on Bhanu Kapil, BISAC codes, Borges, Foucault, monstrosity, Netflix, Qabalah, Satanic Ritual Abuse, schizophrenia, Selah Saterstrom, “shitty art,” and trauma as initiation...

Kabbalnacht (3)

“Kabbalnacht” (part 3) is up at Everyday Genius. Other writers and artists this month include Jamalieh Haley, Chad Hardy & Park Jung Hong, TC Tolbert, Joseph Mains, Joshua Kleinberg, Emily Anderson, Monica Mody, Drew Krewer, Lara Durback, Scott Garson, Kaia Sand, Kate Greenstreet, and Amanda Montei & Jon Rutzmoser. Still to come are Jennifer Tamayo, Mike Scalise, Lara Durback, Joost Bars, Mathias Svalina, Brian Mihok, and J Hope Stein.

Kabbalnacht (2)

"Kabbalnacht" (part 2) is now up at Everyday Genius. "In addition to the Art of Tattoo, or Spiritualism, Art which hath for its medium the Body: // The Art of Murder. // The Art of Rape. // The Art of Torture. // Which together form the second Tritone on the Illumasonic Tree of Sorrow. . . ."

Kabbalnacht (1)

Pleased to announce I've disseminated new disinformation--i.e, fiction/poetry/other--thanks to upstate New York "chainsaw" poet Joe Hall (Devotional Poems, Black Ocean), who is guest-editing January's Everyday Genius. "Kabbalnacht" was born of a handful of dark nights before the dawn, and takes the form of three "Tritone Lectures," which are a sort of bedeviling adulteration of recent theories posited by another one of my multiple personalities. Parts two and three of "Kabbalnacht" will be published Jan 13 and 22 respectively.

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