Christian Peet is the founder of Tarpaulin Sky Press and author of a forthcoming true-crime novel, Angela’s Story. Earlier work includes a paperback collection of “postcards,” Big American Trip (Shearsman Books), and two cross-genre chapbooks, Pluto: Never Forget (Interbirth Books) and The Nines (Palm Press). Other texts appear in anthologies such Chain Arts’ Megaphone and Fence Books’ A Best Of Fenceand in various literary magazines online and in print.

Christian received a BA from Bennington College, a MFA from Goddard College, and has taught Creative Writing for the Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges of the City University of New York. He’s grateful to have grown up with amazing friends in the woods of Litchfield County, Connecticut, home of 300 years of his ancestors and home, forever, to his soul.

Via Tarpaulin Sky Press, Christian publishes award-winning hybrid-genre texts and innovative poetry and prose as trade paperbacks, hand-bound books, and an online literary magazine. The press’s fifty-plus titles include such authors as Rebecca Brown, Jennifer S. Cheng, Steven DunnDanielle Dutton, Ana Božičević, Jenny Boully, Johannes Göransson, Amy KingJoyelle McSweeney, and Joanna Ruocco.

Tarpaulin Sky Press authors and titles have been winners and finalists for awards and grants from The Whiting Award, The National Endowment for the Arts, the The Poetry Society of America, PEN America, and Lambda Literary, and are glowingly reviewed in a wide variety of venues.

proves indie presses deserve your attention (BuzzFeed News); warped from one world to another (The Nation); exquisite imagination… (Publishers Weekly “Best Books”); beautifully startling and fucked and funny and tender and sad and putrid and glitter-covered all at once. (VICE); simultaneously metaphysical and visceral … scary, sexual, and intellectually disarming (Huffington Post); only becomes more surreal (NPR Books); hallucinatory … trance-inducing (Publishers Weekly “Best Summer Reads”); wholly new (Iowa Review); a world of wounded voices (Hyperallergic); riotous, rapturous, and radical (LA Review of Books); the opposite of boring…. an ominous conflagration devouring the bland terrain of conventional realism (Bookslut); an orgy … at once sexy and scientifically compelling (The Rumpus); refreshingly eccentric (The Review of Contemporary Fiction); a kind of nut job’s notebook (Publishers Weekly)

At the graves of William and Horatio Eddy.

Despite running a publishing house, Christian himself is a hermit. He owns an 1840s home in an undisclosed location in Vermont, where he writes by the light of an oil lamp in a horse stall in his barn. His backyard is a cemetery. He spends his free time gardening and conversing with incorporeal entities and various wild and domesticated animals. His last public appearance was at Goddard College, where he was honored to introduce heroes Lorri Davis and Damien Echols.

L-R: Christian, Lorri Davis, Damien Echols, Paul Selig, Elena Georgiou

Christian shuns social media and is militantly uninterested in making new acquaintances online, but if you knew him before the dawn of virtual century and have since lost touch, he’ll be absolutely thrilled to hear from you via his contact page.