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Fanzine features Vanessa Place and Felix Bernstein

Vanessa Place: "The danger to me is not that there is art that is morally contemptible, but rather that all of us—artist and audience—want to be absolved of our own complicity in its generation beforehand and in its wake. We need to stop being such pussies."

Plinth II

VIA TARPAULIN SKY: ego patronus exstiti: Plinth II: Eliphas Lévi was a windbag if ever a windbag there was. And he, like the rest of us, was frequently wrong. But not always. To paraphrase from Haute Magie : Texts invariably go where they should go. The rarest texts offer themselves without seeking as soon as they become indispensable. Which [...]

"An agony of trance": Joyelle McSweeney interviewed at Fanzine

I realized that the walls and the floors, the soil and the air were toxic, everything that could be seen or touched was poison, everything mankind did made the world worse, just moving around and breathing. It seemed to me that I had been walking in fire. Why had I not known it? Nutriment and poison, protection and hazard, comfort and harm were not binaries but indivisible, each one turning over to reveal its attractively hairy reverse or iridisceing, spiny obverse.

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