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The 2017 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize Winners & Finalists

[reposted from Tarpaulin Sky] We don't need to tell you that the last several months have been exceptionally brutal. Nor will we comment further, except to say it is in the context of this nationwide brutality that we read manuscripts for the 2017 TS Book Prizes. We received a rather overwhelming number of expertly crafted [...]

12th Anniversary of the Wrongful Conviction of Jeremy Barney

(2018 UPDATE: How wrong I was, and how right. This story keeps on writing itself and getting more horrific by the page. Jesse committed suicide in the Autumn of 2018. His blood is not only on the hands of his own parents, but on the hands of every Connecticut State social worker, police officer, and attorney who has continued to enable these monstrous lies. I can only hope the Innocence Project finds a way to make the wheels of justice turn more quickly, before more lives are destroyed.)

TS Books up for Awards

I'm thrilled to say that two of our debut authors at Tarpaulin Sky Press are up for book awards. Steven Dunn’s "Potted Meat" has been chosen as a finalist for a Colorado Book Award in the category of Literary Fiction, and Elizabeth Hall’s "I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris" has been chosen as a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award in the category of Bisexual Nonfiction.

No, Robert Adams did not admit to molesting children. Not six of them. Not any of them.

[UPDATE 31 DEC 2016] Although the terms of his plea included specific language affirming that Adams maintains his innocence, the DA’s office subsequently issued a press release falsely stating that Adams “admitted” to molesting six children. Several days later the DA's office would retract the false statement with no fanfare, leaving newspapers like the SacBee to continue libeling Robert Adams as late as 31 December 2016.

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