Robert Adams’s three daughters are among those who continue to suffer, thanks to a corrupt DA’s office and libelous reporting from the Sacramento Bee.

In March 2016, ex-principal Robert Adams felt forced to accept a no-contest plea in order to save his family from further suffering at the hands of the Sacramento DA’s office, and although the terms of his plea included specific language affirming that Adams maintains his innocence, the DA’s office subsequently issued a press release falsely stating that Adams “admitted” to molesting six children.

Based on their prior bad acts, I can only assume the DA’s office issued this erroneous information knowingly and maliciously.

In any case, after being castigated by Adams’s attorney, the DA’s office changed the information on their website, where it no longer says anything about Adams’s non-existent “admission.” (Compare PDFs of the DA’s original press release with their current, corrected version.)

Since the DA’s original press release, however, the false detail of Adams’s admission has been parroted numerous times by local rag Sacramento Bee as well as other regional and national news — as late as today, 31 December 2016, by reporter Sac Bee reporter Cathy Locke.

The DA’s actionable offense has also since been incorporated into the drafts of Adams’s and his family’s massive lawsuits against Sacramento authorities and the false accusers involved in the case. Whether Adams intends to sue the SacBee as well is unknown at this time.

It is simply unconscionable that this case, which began some 5 and 1/2 years ago and was legally settled (however unsatisfactorily) 9 months ago, still continues to cause pain to Adams’s wife and daughters and extended family, thanks to newspapers who either can’t be bothered to do actual research, or who simply delight in dredging muck, regardless of the cost to others.

I have a great deal more to report on this case. Unfortunately, I am unable to publish it at the moment. For older articles, please see The Trial of Creative Frontiers School Principal Robert Adams.