Pleased to announce I’ve disseminated new disinformation–i.e, fiction/poetry/other–thanks to upstate New York “chainsaw” poet Joe Hall (Devotional Poems, Black Ocean), who is guest-editing January’s Everyday Genius.

Kabbalnacht” was born of a handful of dark nights before the dawn, and takes the form of three “Tritone Lectures,” which are a sort of bedeviling adulteration of recent theories posited by another one of my multiple personalities. Parts two and three of “Kabbalnacht” will be published Jan 13 and 22 respectively.

Here’s a snippet:

The Tritones are arranged in four measures and constitute the Twelve Black Holes of Wisdom, which hath for their root and crown the Ineffable (K).
Above (k) is O.
Above O is (  ).
The twelve Tritones form the Illumasonic Tree of Sorrow.
Or none of this is true, but we remain sad.

Read the rest at Everyday Genius. (See also: part 2part 3)